Welcome to my
personal website

My name is Vilmos Vass and I'm a novice Web Developer. Currently I'm studying Computer Science at the University of Pécs.

Web developing is a passion of mine where I can express my creative ideas while adding value to others at the same time.

About me

I'm currently 29 years old and I wrote a program to change this number automatically each year on my birthday.
I'm from Hungary and right now I live in an admirably calm and friendly village that is called Kővágótöttös.

I have a very strong work ethic and I'll never release a project until both the client and I are fully satisfied with the product.
Communication and transparency are the two key things that I value the most.
You will always be able to reach me with your ideas and I welcome you to join me any time in the process of Coding and Web Development!

My Workflow


I have a session with the client to gather as much details of the project as possible. After that it's my turn: I pitch my ideas to the client that I expect to be profitable.

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Web Design

I design a prototype that shows a similar appearance of what the finished website would look like. The website will have a theme that relates to the clients profession.

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Web Development

Obviously this is the phase that I enjoy the most. The functionality of the website comes alive while the back-end joins the frond-end to create a great user experience.

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Quality check

I make sure that each functionality works and the design is responsive any kind of resolution so that smarthphone-, tablet-, laptop- and PC-users will each have a pleasent time.

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Feel free to contact me!

You can describe your situation and what kind of plans you have in mind.

I'm gonna make sure to get back to you with helpful advices and general guideance towards your goal.